Humorous Police Quotes
You will note that there are a number of careers that establish a bond with the people. It is necessary to point out that the connection that the police have with the people will take more than long enough. You will find it necessary to have a little humor especially in a stressing career. This will definitely add a positive as well as funny spin to your daily experiences. You will learn that there are certain hilarious quotes that relate to the police. You can read more of these funny quotes by clicking here for more info.  

  Jack Nicholson once said that the only two people that you can lie to in this world are the police and your girlfriend. You will learn that it is only a police who understands the frustrations of breaking through a wall of lies. You have certainly been exposed to a good number of lies as an officer unless this is your first day on duty. Aim at jotting down some of the funny stories you hear from people. You will also come acros the quote "By running, you will only be preparing to go to jail tired." You will realize that a good number of people think that they can be better runners than they really are. They will always think that they can outrun the police. There was a time that a cop pulled me over and asked for papers, I responded "Scissors, I win" and drove off. This shows that people will often come up with funny excuses.

  You will hardly find cops saying, "Thank you for keeping us employed by committing a crime." It's plain rude. You will realize that no police will appreciate a shift that is characterized by a sense of boredom. Edward Conlon was quoted saying that he was surprised at the number of people that he arrested by virtue of what they said to him. There are times that people will be offensive despite an officer trying to be lenient. Isn't it funny that red, blue and white represent freedom until they're flashing behind you? As an officer, you will note that a traffic ticket for one will mean lesser danger for another person. Reed Farrel was quoted saying that police officers on the job will only love lawyers just as lions do with hyenas only that there will be no mutual respect. You will find that both parties purpose to ensure that the law is upheld.

"'Do you like being a cop?' 'I love it, when it doesn't suck, sir.'"-Edward Conlon. This statement is reflective of truth to many officers. You will realize that law enforcement will feature alterations from incredible to awful from time to time. To learn more of these funny quotes, you can click here for more info.